Why Indus Public School?

Why Indus Public School?

Ø  Focus on global education, learning through internationally acclaimed methodologies.

Ø  Passionate, creative, Innovative, Profesional & Highly Qualified Faculty determined to enlighten the life of the young learners.

Ø  Transportation Service oversees the safe delivery of all the students through a fleet of buses with GPRS & CCTV Coverage.

Ø  Library serves as the encyclopedia related to prescribed text books and beyond.

Ø  Spacious, air cooled classrooms with the international standard of space under CCTV surveillance.

Ø  Provision of A.V. aids with multimedia facilities in each classroom.

Ø  Fully Air Conditioned Junior Wing as well as Senior Wing upto class VIII.

Ø  SMS Alerts to keep parents updated about their ward’s progress, information, daily attendance, PTM’s etc. within no time.

Ø  One-on-One Parent-Teacher Meetings.

Ø  Ideal Student - Teacher Ratio.

Ø  Earthquake resistant building in the idyllic surroundings with lush green & pollution free enviornment.

Ø  Regular Medical Camps.