Music / Dance / Theatre

Music / Dance / Theatre

Music is Harmony…

Harmony is Perfection…..

Perfection is our Dream….be it any Endeavour, any pursuit.

Training in music and dance helps parts of the brain that deal with language, reasoning and memory. It also contributes towards learning in other subjects. Our school also encourages students to develop an appreciation of all forms of music and dance. The school has a full-fledged the Music Room and the Dance Room with all the instruments and equipments where the talented teachers train the students in various forms of dance and music i.e. both instrumental and vocal. It is with their dedicated effort that the school has its own orchestra with students ranging from Class V to X who play various instruments with ease and efficiency. During the morning assembly, the school resonates with melodious chanting of mantras and singing of hymns by the choir-group.

The skills of communication are best refined through drama. It contributes to almost any subject or profession that our students may undertake in the future.